“When I was little, I wanted a huge aquarium” 

When I was little, I wanted a huge aquarium, is an imaginative world inspired by forts and my childhood dream. I dreamed of huge aquariums. I told adults that I wanted to own the largest aquarium in the world but reality has set in.

A core inspiration has been couch forts. As adults, I believe we grow out of a child’s imagination and I wanted to reintroduce the spirit of play and imagination into their lives.

This is a half scale prototype and the jacquards would be the final fabrics. These blocks can puzzle together to become furniture of one’s choice. It is a way of embracing abstraction and functionality.

I have also created a quilt, which is an essential part of fort building as it can be used as covers or rugs. It is a “map” of this world where the fish can move through the roads and live in this world.

Throughout these processes, I am aiming to bring viewers into my imagined environments. I want my work to be whimsical and playful.